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So you think you're Creative?

Righty or Lefty!
What side are you on? 

This quiz tests whether your thinking is dominated by your right (Creative) or left (analytical) brain. 
There is no right or wrong just merely two different ways of thinking.

The quiz is not scientific but is fun so why not give it a try?
And the possible answers have been selected for creatives.
Try pick the answer that describes you most closely.

How is the Right Brain / Left Brain Concept Relevant to Creatives?
When you start a painting or any creation, you need be able to visualise the final work in your mind (right brain, working from the whole), then develop the painting, choosing the elements, matching and mixing colors, placing in the shadows and highlights (right brain, working on various things simultaneously), but at the same time be able to look critically at what you've doing (left brain, being analytical). Once you become aware of your various approaches, you can have fun trying different ways of working, So stretch your creativity & discover which is the true you!

Right Brain / Left Brain Quiz for Arty types
This fun creativity quiz will help you determine whether your right or left side of your brain is more dominant. There are 20 questions in total.

1. Do you use your hands when you talk?
a. Hardly ever
b. All the time

2. When you're being creative does time seem to:
a. Tick by slowly, you find yourself clock watching
b. Pass by quickly, almost unnoticed

3. Do you prefer:
a. Dogs, who usually obey what their owner says
b. Cats, who usually retain their independence

4. When being creative, painting, drawing for example, do you work on:
a. Several works at once, all at various stages and jumping from one to another
b. One work until it's finished and only then will you start another one
Top of Form

5. Is your creative area:
a. Higgledy piggledy, semi-organised chaos
b. Neatly organised, with everything having a place
6. When trying a new creative technique do you:
a. Roll up the sleeves, Jump straight in and see what happens
b. Read any instructions on the techniques and see what your reference books say first

7. How often do you make a decision based on your intuition or a hunch?
a. Seldom
b. Often

8. Do you find it easier to remember someone's:
a. Name
b. Face

9. How often are you late for a workshop, appointment, or date?
a. Always
b. Seldom

10. Do you judge what someone's saying about one of your creations by:
a. How they're saying it b.
b. What they're saying

11. Which kind of Artworks do you prefer: 
a. Realist and photorealistic
b. Abstract and fantasy

12. Do you have your best ideas for a creation when you're:
a. Lying down
b. Sitting up

13. Do you like to have music playing while you are creating?
a. No
b. Yes

14. When you want new fancy Art materials do you:
a. Buy it only if you have the money
b. Get it on your credit card regardless

15. When someone asks whether you like a creation of theirs, do you:
a. Say exactly what's on your mind
b. Think carefully before you answer so as not to hurt their feelings

16. When you start to create a picture, have you:
a. An overall idea of what the picture should look like
b. Worked out step by step how the picture will develop

17. When you open a new how-to painting book, do you:
a. Start at the contents and then read the chapters in order
b. Dip in and read whatever appears interesting as it catches your eye

18. When you hang a painting on a wall, do you:
a. Put it up where you think it'll look right and move it until it does
b. Use a tape measure to ensure it'll be exactly in the right place

19. Do you prefer:
a. Group activities where you all collaborate or work together
b. Working individually, against yourself

20. Finally, Do you have enough patience to answer another 20 questions?

a. Probably
b. Probably not 


  1. Right Brained answer = b
  2. Right Brained answer = b
  3. Right Brained answer = b
  4. Right Brained answer = a
  5. Right Brained answer = a
  6. Right Brained answer = a
  7. Right Brained answer = b
  8. Right Brained answer = b
  9. Right Brained answer = a
  10. Right Brained answer = a
  11. Right Brained answer = b
  12. Right Brained answer = a
  13. Right Brained answer = b
  14. Right Brained answer = b
  15. Right Brained answer = a
  16. Right Brained answer = a
  17. Right Brained answer = b
  18. Right Brained answer = a
  19. Right Brained answer = a
  20. Right Brained answer = b

Each answer is 5% of the overall..So if for example, you have answered 50%-50% You are equally in tune with your logical and creative brain..perfectly balanced!

If your score is 75% or higher however, Your right brain is the dominant force & rules your creativity.
Congratulations! You are a true creative!!!!


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