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Using Vintage Images – Some Ideas

July 11, 2019

Get Creative with Vintage Images -
Scrapbooking has become a hobby and craft that has really taken off in the past 10 years. Craft stores not only have aisle after aisle devoted to scrapbook supplies, but there are even scrapbook stores, classes and workshops. 

This craft has really come full circle with the introduction of computers into society.
Scrapbooks are also called Memory Books. 
These are far from a new concept.
Victorians started creating scrapbooks that contained just about everything from locks of hair to swatches of clothing in large, rope bound tomes.
Modern scrapbooks are really just a new spin on a very old hobby that has been brought back to life.

Many people are becoming more innovative when it comes to creating memory books.
Years ago, when memory books first came on the scene and took hold, people were content with buying rubber stamps and stickers to make their memory books something special.
As time wore on, the quest for “the best memory book” became an obsession with some people.
Memory books, once known as scrapbooks, became somewhat of a competition.
Even today, there are competitions for the best scrapbooks or memory books.

Using vintage images & photography is one way to really give your scrapbook or memory book something different.
You can either cut out parts of vintage photographs to as accent pieces in your scrapbook or you can use them as backgrounds on your pages.











Vintage images & photographs that you purchase online are already formatted for your computer.
This means that you can pull up the photograph on a software program like PhotoShop and manipulate it so that it will fit the page in your scrapbook.
You can even do this on other software programs.
Chances are the software that came with your printer enables you to edit photographs on your computer in hundreds of different ways.
One way to make use of vintage photographs for your scrapbook is to use images of scenery or even clothing from long ago as accent pieces in your scrapbook.

Scrapbook pages generally have the following formats:
♦ _Background page
♦ _Matting
♦ _Photographs & Images
♦ _Top matting over images
♦ _Lettering
♦ _Accent pieces

You do not have to follow any specific format for your scrapbook pages - this is just a suggestion.
Once you begin creating scrapbooks, you will become more creative. As you continue to spur on your creative process, it will snowball 

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