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Arty Quiz No. 1

August 17, 2019

Arty Quiz # 1

Everyone loves gossip & trivia whether they admit it or not!

Here are some juicy arty snippets for your enjoyment. Have fun!
Answers at the bottom of the page

Art Quiz 

1. Mexico’s famous muralist is:
a. Diego Rivera (1886-1957)
b. Luigi Russolo (1885-1947)
c. Rodrigo Moynihan (1940-)

2. In anatomical drawing and proportion, how many heads high is the average body?
a. 7
b. 8
c. 9

3. The Cobra Art movement started by Karl Appel (1921-) stands for:
a. Copenhagen Brussels Amsterdam
b. Colour Brightness Abstraction
c. Correct Brilliant Art

4. The Bauhaus movement (Germany 1919-33) was mainly associated with:
a. Oversized paintings
b. Architecture & Design
c. Outdoor sculpture

5. Alexander Calder (1898-) is best known for his invention of
a. Abstract painting with hands & feet
b. The mobile
c. The stretcher canvas on legs

6. The Dutch Art movement De Stijl (1917-1930) favoured:
a. Curved shapes
b. Soft blurred lines
c. Rectangular forms

7. The term action painting can be attributed to the painter:
a. Francis Bacon
b. Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)
c. Jackson Pollock

8. Dadaism began in 1916 in which city:
a. Rome
b. Zurich
c. Vienna

9. Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is most famous for his new language of Cubism. He also had a:
a. Blue period
b. Brown period
c. Black & white period

10. The picture plane is:
a. The plane used to carve the picture frame
b. The extreme front edge of the imaginary space in the picture
c. The airplane used as a model in Aviation paintings

11. The provenance of an Artwork refers to it’s:
a. Pedigree
b. Mode of storage
c. French heritage

12. Serigraphy is a technique of:
a. Sculpting
b. Printing
c. Calligraphy

13. Section D’or or The Golden section is a line of irrational proportion that can be discovered in most works of art and nature. 
It’s ratio is also known as:
a. Phi 1.618
b. Da Vinci’s lines
c. 14:6

14. Rayonism was a short lived Russian offshoot of which movement:
a. Cubism
b. Abstract Expressionism
c. Futurism

15. Henri Matisse (1869-1954) is associated with which Art movement:
q. Dadaism
b. Fauvism
c. Pop Art

16. Which came first:
a. Expressionism
b. Fauvism
c. Cubism

17. Vorticism (1914) was an English variant on:
a. Cubist & Futurist ideas
b. Bauhaus & Die Bruke ideas
c. Dadaist & surrealist ideas

18. Frottage is a French word for a technique used by Max Ernst. It means:
a. Sketching with a nail
b. Rubbing
c. Toe Painting

19. In painting Impasto refers to:
a. Thinned oil paint
b. A rich fatty oil pigment
c. Watercolour oil paint

20. Wassily Kandinsky’s (1866-1944) most famous publication is:
a. Colour is Art
b. Abstract painting for the common man
c. Concerning the spiritual in Art

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1. ANSWER = a 2. ANSWER = b 3. ANSWER = a 4. ANSWER = b 5. ANSWER = b 6. ANSWER = c 7. ANSWER = c 8. ANSWER = b 9. ANSWER = a10 ANSWER = b 11. ANSWER = a 12. ANSWER = b 13. ANSWER = a 14. ANSWER = c 15. ANSWER = b 16. ANSWER = b 17. ANSWER = a 18. ANSWER = b 19. ANSWER = b  20. ANSWER = c

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